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"Lemon is the second musical track of the album Zooropa from the U2 Irish band and it wants to be a praise to human cleverness and men's most significant inventions".

copertina album lemon
copertina Bernbach

"Lemon is the campaign created by Bill Bernbach, that together with "Think Small" has sanctioned the creative revolution and changed the history of advertising. Lemon is a provocation full of sharp irony; for the first time in history, an advertisement rumored to be capable of overturning the life of an inferior product, for the first time an advertisement said it was not all sweet in life, that not all is great in the business world".

"In 1966, Procter & Gamble added the Lemon additive to a liquid dishwashing detergent because the idea of this citrus would have highlighted the cleaning force. Even today, the product continues to be the preferred by consumers".

copertina Joy al limone
copertina Joy al limone

"Lemon is the fruit of extraordinary beneficial properties and infinite uses. The only one can flourish and generate its fruits all the year".